Moreton Island Cruise

A bird swimming under the water! It was crazy to see ... he probably swam atleast 15 feet down and distance of 40-50 feet underwater.

The head of a wobbegong shark ... shark number 1!

This is the picture of the final shark we saw ... maybe 4-5 feet in length!

Here is a better, closer shot!

Our boat and crew.

It was pretty windy and was starting to rain a bit so it was a little bumpy at the beginning.


Thanks for blocking the water from hitting me.

Ship wreck...hope we're not next!

A sand island.

HUGE sand dune.

This is definitely a workout!

You're telling me!

Halfway there!

Finally! Look at that view!

After the climb down Jonathan needed to cool off in the nice cool clear water.

The shipwrecks were home to many things including some birds.

Some guys kayaked out there and walked around on the top of this ship.

Bye Bye!

Dolphins! They were pretty playful and just kind of hung out near the boat.

A whole group/family!

Boom netting! Fun stuff...so far.

Oops, he let go!

Ah! This is hard and kind of painful!


Oops, I let go!

You ok? Yeah you?

You still there?

Oh my goodness that was WAY harder than we thought it was going to be (he went the fastest with our group).