These are pictures from each day of our vacation to Australia ... we had a great time!

12/30/06: Day 1 - Nagoya Airport; Sydney Harbour Cruise; Sydney Aquarium; Sydney Wildlife World (1/22/07) - If you read our blog about getting out of Nagoya then these are the pictures that go along with our adventure.  When we got to Sydney the next morning we took a Harbour Cruise, visited the Sydney Aquarium and Sydney Wildlife World (where the camera battery died).

12/31/06: Day 2 - New Year's Eve (1/22/07) - Since we planned on going to Japan we wanted to visit Australia for New Year's Eve to see the fireworks and celebration on the Harbour and over the Sydney Opera House ... well these are the pictures from our ALL day long experience!

1/1/07: Day 3 - Sydney Harbour; Sydney Skyline; Taronga Zoo (1/22/07) - On New Years day we went to the Taronga Zoo.  We took a ferry to the zoo as it is on the North Shore of the Harbour and the view from the zoo to the city is absolutely spectacular.  The zoo itself was also one of the best laid out and spacious areas for the animals that I have seen.  Quite possibly the top zoo I have been to.

1/2/07: Day 4 - Blue Mountains Tour; Featherdale Wildlife Park (1/22/07) - We took an all day tour to the Blue Mountains (a mountain range just west of Sydney).  It was really nice to see some of the mountains and nature around Sydney and learn from our Tour Guide how the first settlers of Australia tried to head West.  On the way back into town we visited Featherdale Wildlife Park.

1/3/07: Day 5 - Sydney Day Tour (1/22/07) - This tour was an all day tour around Sydney visiting some places we had already been, but also get a different view of the city and driving through several of the suburbs out to the different bays facing the Pacific Ocean.

1/4/07: Day 6 - Gold Coast: Sea World (1/22/07) - After flying in to Brisbane from Sydney we got our rental car and went directly to the Sea World park in Gold Coast (about an 1 south of Brisbane).  It rained off and on, but we had a nice time.  After that we went to an area called Surfer's Paradise and visited Hard Rock Cafe and just did some general shopping (although we don't have any pictures).

1/5/07: Day 7 - Moreton Island Cruise (1/22/07) - We booked this all-day cruise in advance.  It took us from Redcliff out to Moreton Island (about 1.5 hours) where we snorkeled, swam in the ocean, climbed a sand dune, ate a wonderful catered lunch on the boat, saw dolphins, went boom netting, and overall had a wonderful day!

1/6/07: Day 8 - Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (1/22/07) - Lone Pine is the oldest and largest Koala Sanctuary in the World!  They house over 130 koalas at one time and have many other Australian animals.  Their big selling point is you can have your picture taken while holding a koala, most other places you can only stand beside the koalas, no holding.

1/7/07: Day 9 - Australia Zoo; Glass Mountains (1/22/07) - It wouldn't have been right for us (animal enthusiasts) to go to Australia without seeing the Australia Zoo, home of the Crocodile Hunter.  Although Steve passed away this year, you can still feel his presence, energy, and excitement throughout the zoo and enjoy a unique experience of seeing crocodiles and other animals.  On the way to the zoo are the Glass Mountains which we stopped at a lookout and took pictures of the terrain.

1/8/07: Day 10 - Sunshine Coast; Underwater World (1/22/07) - Underwater World is a new aquarium in Sunshine Coast.  It wasn't very big, but it was honestly better than the Sydney Aquarium (in my opinion).

1/9/07: Day 11-13  - Coming Home: Sydney from the plane and our Hotel in Taipei (1/22/07) - These are just a couple pictures of Sydney from the airplane and our hotel room in Taipei, we stayed at Jack Nicholaus' new Gold Resort, it was easily the biggest room I have every stayed in ... only $60.00!

Miscellaneous Australia (1/22/07) - These are miscellaneous pictures we took from around Sydney ... people, architecture, city views, etc.

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