In front of Kunming Lake at the Summer Palace

The emperor who really worked to build the Summer Palace up moved lots of rock from other areas of China to the Palace for decoration.

In front of some boats that are gonna take us across Kunming Lake.

the dragons tail

On the Seventeen-Arch Bridge

At Juyongguan Pass in front of a pass that says something to the effect of ... you aren't a man until you climb The Wall.

On the Great Wall

After I got back down from the top

A rock with Juyongguan Pass marked on it.

Us at the base area of the Badaling area of The Great Wall.

The entrance of one of the watch towers along The Wall.

In front of the Beijing National Museum and one of the Official Olympic Clocks.

Monument to the People's Heroes in Tianamen Square

The Imperial Palace and Forbidden City

Somewhere inside the Imperial Palace

It was super bright, but standing in front of some of the yellow (yellow was for royalty) roofs in the Forbidden City.

Lanny (our tour guide), Ashley, and I in the Forbidden City

In front of the love tree or something like this, anyway, the last emperor and empress had their picture taken infront of this tree.

On a bridge over looking the moat around the Forbidden City

Outside of the Palace with the Northwest watchtower

Overlooking Beijing from the drum tower in an area close to the Forbidden City.

The center drum in the drum tower ... that is a big drum!

Ashley, Lanny, and I in the drum tower

Us in our rickshaw with our driver ... they changed to bicycles instead of walking about 10 years ago or so.

Eating lunch in a Chinese family's house during out rickshaw tour of Hutong streets, this was very memorable.

In front of the Temple of Heaven

On the Lugou Bridge, also known as the Marco Polo Bridge.

In the Beijing Botanical Gardens

Again, very bgirht, but very beautiful.

At the Silver Forest Pagodas, about 1.5 hours outside of the city, it was very peaceful and not crowded.

A small waterfall (man-made I think)!

In front of the Beijing Aquarium.

At the China Nationalities Museum

In the China Red Sandalwood Museum

This is an emperor's throne we are sitting on! ;)

Hard Rock Cafe Beijing

Waiting to see the acrobatics show

In front of an Armillary Sphere at the Beijing Ancient Observatory.

In front of several ancient astronomy tools at the Beijing Ancient Observatory