These are pictures from each day of our vacation to Beijing, China ... we had a great time!

Jonathan & Ashley in Beijing - This was one nice advantage of having a tour guide all week!

Miscellaneous China - Just a bunch of random pictures from our vacation.

4/30/07: Day 1 - Summer Palace; Beijing Dragon Jade Gallery; Juyongguan Great Wall; Badaling Great Wall (5/13/07) - Pictures based on our 4/30/07 entry in our blog, "Great Wall."

5/1/07: Day 2 - Tiananman Square; Forbidden City; Hutong Area; Temple of Heaven; Sericulture (5/13/07) - Pictures based on our 5/1/07 entry in our blog, "Rickshaws and Gongfu."

5/2/07: Day 3 - Marco Polo Bridge; Museum of China Japan War; Beijing Botanical Gardens; Silver Forest Pagodas (5/13/07) - Pictures based on our 5/2/07 entry in our blog, "Hello friend you want to buy scarf? Real Silk!"

5/3/07: Day 4 - Beijing Zoo; Beijing Aquarium; China Nationalities Museum; China Red Sandalwood Museum; Beijing Chaoyang Acrobatics (5/13/07) - Pictures based on our 5/3/07 entry in our blog, "Cultural Wooden Acrobats."

5/4/07: Day 5 - Beijing Ancient Observatory; Lama Temple (5/13/07) - Our final day in Beijing.  Needless to say we were supper tired and didn't do too much!

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