Mom, along with Amy's mom and several friends from our home church threw us a joint Baby Shower at our old church in Louisville on February 11, 2007.  It was our first baby shower (Ashley has 2 more), and for most everyone there, their first joint baby shower.  Enjoy the pictures below and thank you to everyone who helped and gave us wonderful presents for Caleb.

It takes a busy kitchen to get all the food prepared!

Stephen working on a fruit sculpture scene thingy.

David with the "Thank You Card" baskets.

Ashley getting caught with her hand in the cookie jar ... well, veggie tray!

"David, it would look much better here."

"I don't think so, what about here?"

"I'm pregnant, I want it here!"


The gift tables set up as well as the food tables behind it and the rocking chairs for Ashley and Amy.

Baby Helen ... this is our good friends little baby girl ... sooo cute!

"Blah, blah, blah, I'm not listening!"

"Amy, stop it! Will you just listen."

Stephen and Amanda working on the fruit thing!

What's that ... Ms. Pac-Man?

A Pac-Man themed fruit display ... nice job Stephen! You can e-mail me for his information; he does showers, wedding, Bar Mitzvahs, birthdays, etc.!

I'm not so sure about that ... 50% Mommy, 50% Daddy, 100% Adorable!

I think David likes to hold up clothes!

Hey guys, whatcha got over there?

I don't really remember what was so funny here.

Another card and another present!

"What's inside of there?"

A cool Mickey Mouse blanket that one of David and Amy's friends made for them.

More presents.

Ashley is excited about the Zanzibar bouncy chair thing, I guess I thought she was being silly!

That is Amy's mom to the left and some of their friends behind them getting a peak at the Portable Rocker.

Somebody said something funny.

All finished ... why isn't the other end of the table done?

You aren't finished, are you?

Oh, better stop that's what got us into this situation in the first place!

Funny picture!

Just talking with our former neighbor and mom.

Ashley has bunny ears.

Kristie and that adorable Baby Helen.

Our Mamaw ... gotta love the hat!

Now that's a bunch of gifts! Thank you everyone!

One happy Grandma-to-be, although I am not so sure about those bibs (there are 2)!