Caleb's many present opening opportunities during the Christmas Season.

It started on December 20th with Grandpa.

He actually didn't do so bad opening up the presents.

Of course still going for anything in the mouth.

A phone!

And of course the taste test.

Another present

A talking book!

Eliana on Christmas morning.

The centers of attention this Christmas.

Oooooh, garland!

Caleb loves his socks!

Caleb and Uncle Steve!

Caleb and Eliana with their Great-Uncle and Papaw.

Dad and Caleb taking a nap before Christmas dinner at Gram's house.

Lots of presents under a nice Christmas tree.

Ninja Caleb

Caleb and Mommy

Oh a Tigger!

Caleb in a box.

Caleb on his first truck.

Pushing/walking with his truck!

A tuckered out Caleb laying with Mommy.

The day after Christmas.

More presents!

Eliana got the same things but wanted to keep playing with Caleb's.

A keyboard just for Caleb from Papaw! (Caleb loves keyboards)

We got rid of the cord real soon after that ... don't want to start any bad habits.

Christmas dinner at the Gagels!


Family pictures at Parkland Baptist Church after Mamaw's funeral.