Mom and Grammy came to Georgetown on Columbus day, since mom's off for that holiday, and we took Caleb to the Newport Aquarium.  This was his first trip, but it certainly won't be his last...he LOVED it!

Caleb and Grams playing with the drum...this was the start of a fun and funny day.

This was the scene throughout most of Newport...mom putting Caleb right up to the glass and them pointing at stuff.

Grams why are we looking at grass?

Oh, I see they're up there!

There's some more!

Grammy look what we found inside all this grass!

What is THAT? That's funny looking.

I like turtles mommy!

Look there they go!

What am I touching? Oh well, this is fun! Grams don't you want to touch the starfish?

Wow! Those are pretty!

Look mommy just like in Nemo! An an-an-anenome.

Come on Grams hurry up!

That's as big as I am!

Caleb was so funny with the jelly fish. He would make this funny face and do this thing with his mouth trying to be like them. It was really cute!

Oh, that went right over us!

Look mommy! I'm riding a frog!

Grams and Grammy said that they would absolutely not be petting the sharks...oh well, me and Caleb had a blast with them! :)

He loved it! He would reach down and try to get to them if they were too far down...I think he's going to be like his mommy and LOVE animals. :)

There were some different one's that liked it over here...and mom could get a better angle with the pictures.

This is at the end right before you get to the gift shop, it's above the main tank that you walk through the tunnels and under the sharks.