Christmas gifts with Grandpa on December 19th.

Caleb loves any phones but especially Grandpa's iPhone.

Caleb's first Christmas gift.

He was so funny this year in that he had to get every small piece of wrapping paper off the package.

Playing with his new animals.

Caleb's first workbench ... actually 1st of 3 this Christmas.

Caleb playing with the screwdriver.


Christmas gifts with Mommy & Daddy on December 23rd.

Caleb playing with his animals.

He's in the middle of opening this present and decided to start lining up the animals on the half opened present.

Oh this is a big present.

"I can get this out!"

Caleb and his desk waiting for paper and crayons to draw.

"This is fun!"


Christmas with the Gagel's on December 25th.

Amy fixing he pancakes.

"Let's say prayers."

Caleb getting impatient and wanting breakfast while Uncle David is still praying.

Two squirts.

It's stocking time!

"What do you have?"

"What do you have?"

The Daddy's and there kiddos.

"Ooo what did Eliana get?"

Others opening their presents.

"This looks big, could it be another workbench!"

Eliana and her new FSU piggy bank.

Eliana with Uncle Jonathan opening his present to her.

An ELIANA puzzle!

The kiddos in their rocking chairs from Uncle Steve and Caleb with Eliana's puzzle.

An upset Caleb because he wants to play with the puzzle but it's time for other presents (a cool picture with the puzzle piece frozen in the air).

Amy's present from us. Her Chinese name is "Leaf of Tree" so that is what the puzzle represents.

David's Treble Clef puzzle.

Amy's mom's Nana puzzle.

Mimi and Papaw with the kids.

Getting ready for family picture time.

Crazy Caleb.

Eliana climbing up on the kitchen set.

The morning after Christmas and Papaw has his favorite presents.

Aww, Eliana is sweet.

Caleb and his attacking bear hug!

Cheesin it up, silly boy.

Crazy hair Caleb.


At David and Amy's visiting and helping with the "bedroom" from December 30th to January 1st.

Eliana and Caleb in the tub.

Jonathan bundled up and entering the crawl space under David and Amy's house to work on duct work.