First pictures of Joshua Lee.

Ashley just took a shower with her wrapped up arm ... she said the wash rag was slippery in her left hand.

Joshua Lee Gagel

8:38 p.m.

7 lb 3 oz, 19"

Mommy and Joshua

Proud Daddy and Joshua

Our first new family picture

Well, hello there.

Joshua's first bath.

What a face!

Just warming up under the heating lamp.

Grams meeting Joshua.

Grammy, Grandpa, and Grandpa Kenny looking on.

Grammy holding Joshua.

Grandpa holding Joshua.

Grandpa Kenny and Joshua.

Peace and quiet finally.

Joshua getting his hearing test done.

Big Brother Caleb waiting for Joshua.

The 1st meeting.

Mimi and Joshua.

Mimi & Papaw looking on.

Caleb looking on.

Papaw holding Joshua.

Aunt Terri holding Joshua and Granddaddy holding Caleb. This was a huge step for Terri ... see next picture.

This was the first time she was going to hold Caleb after he was born.

Now she's a pro!

Daddy with his boys.

Caleb giving some lovin'

Granddaddy's turn.

Joshua and Grandma Judy.

Sister Lizzy.

Brother Brent.

Joshua being swallowed in his first real outfit ... it wasn't a Newborn outfit and he was small.


Welcome home!

Daddy, I want the camera.

"Oh, look whose there!!!!"

Mommy, Caleb, Mimi, and Joshua.

Caleb, Joshua, and Mommy.

One happy big brother.

"Look at those feet, they are so small!"

Caleb loving on Joshua.

A big brother hug.

Daddy and Caleb playing together.

1st night in his new bed ... he looks so small ...