Miscellaneous pictures of us March 6th to April 20th.

Joshua on his changing table.

Too cute at 5 days old.

Caleb helping Dad fix the gate.

See if that works Dad.

Joshua and his first bath at home ... sorta forgot what that's like.

A protective big brother!

How sweet!

That how we find him in the morning sometimes.

Tummy time!

Momma's boys.

Daddy and Joshua.

A worn out mommy and baby.

Cute little Joshua.

Mommy and her two boys.

Caleb checking out the new double stroller!

What in the world is that!

It's Caleb's playset from Aunt Terri!

I'm a McCutie ... so true!

Brianna and Caleb quietly watching a movie ... we have proof!

Joshua in the swing.

Caleb in the swing ... silly.

Calen wearing Daddy's work jacket ... it's a little big.

Joshua in his first tub bath.

Again, Caleb the comforter!

Caleb and Joshua after baths one night.

It's OK little brother, let me give you a hug!

Is that all Mommy and Joshua do?!

Even without a Mommy ... Joshua is a pro!

A birthday present from Mommy & Daddy ... it's a Mater!

Mimi, Papawe, and Joshua.

I'm not really sure what we were looking at, but Joshua was fixated on it.


Ashley made a Caleb a fort!

This is the new and improved version (Daddy's idea over the phone).


Papaw's patented "put 'em to sleep lap"

10 Gagels ... again :)

Caleb at Grammy & Kenny's riding his smaller 4-wheeler.

Riding on crazy Aunt Terri's shoulders ... it made me tired just watching them!


Ashley said she had never seen Aunt Terri lay in the grass ... the affect that little ones have on us all!

Oh no! Don't run over Terri!

Hide and seek!

I see you!

Non stop energy.

Grams making Caleb a pendalum.

A couple more laps!