Since I get pictures off of other family's members' cameras some pictures will be during the same time frame as pictures from the last batch ... I don't think anyone will mind.

The first picture of Daddy and Caleb.

MiMi holding Caleb and Papaw waiting for his first turn!

Caleb and Grandpa.

Patch, Mommy, and Caleb.

A fruit basket and cookie basket, they were both delicious!

Too cute.

Caleb's first tummy time.

Another bath.

Caleb and Daddy.

Caleb and his Great-Great-Grandma.

Caleb in his swing for the first time ... seconds later, lots of spit-up, we haven't tried the swing again since then.

Stinky Caleb and Grandpa.

Daddy's gonna get you.

Papaw and Caleb doing a puzzle.

Eliana and Caleb meeting (this time awake).

Proud Mommys and babies.

Proud parents.

Admiring our bundles of joy.

Caleb trying to eat Daddy's nose.

Amanda and naked Caleb.

Mimi and Papaw admiring their grandson.

When Ashley's hungry, she's hungry!

Too funny!

J.D. and Caleb

That's right you do!

Just chillin!

Caleb and Helen Jane ... a prospective future wife?

She is being so gentle ...

hey now, that's my eye!

"Oh, that's the spot!"

Papaw and Caleb working on the same puzzle again.

Our first Sunday back at church and his first Sunday at church!