On May 4th we went to Portrait Innovations to get some pictures of Caleb when he was 1 month and 1 day old.  With the package we got, we got all of the pictures on CD for free!  These are some of the best.


We went to Louisville for the first time on Saturday, May 10th since Caleb was born.  It was the first time Mamaw got to see Caleb.  It was also Ashley's birthday so it was nice because we also were able to see all of her family and get some 5 generation pictures!

He must be thinking in his sleep.

I'm trying to get some rest while Jonathan is home to hold him.

Aww, Caleb sleeping on Daddy.

Our second Sunday of church. This was in the morning before we left for church from our back deck.

This time he must be riding a rollercoaster in his sleep.

Daddy laughing at cute Caleb sleeping.

Kenny holding Caleb for the first time. I think that Caleb was intrigued by his hat.

Caleb smiling for Grammy.

Caleb's typical look.

Caleb meeting Mamaw for the first time. He was wide awake and she was so excited!

Caleb just staring at Granny Ruth.

4 generations of Gagel's.

Caleb loving on Mamaw.

9 Gagel's!! I think that that's a gaggle of Gagel's.

Now the Daddy's holding the babies.

Papaw watching Uncle David playing with Caleb.

Another 4 generation of Gagel's.

Me and Eliana ... she stopped fussing long enough to take a picture or two. She is a cutie and a light weight compared to her cousin!

3 Generations ... Mamaw, David, and Eliana.

Me and cute Caleb.

The proud Daddy's and their baby.

Caleb was being sweet and has his arm around her.

The proud Mama's and their baby.

Proud Mimi and Papaw.

Caleb and his Papaw.

Hey I can hold both of them!!

She looks much more relaxed now ... maybe it's because he's bigger.

She was so excited he was wide awake and smiling.

5 Generations!! Grandma, Grammy, Mom, Me, and Caleb. There is a 5 Generation picture when I was a baby too.

Finally back to Mommy!!

Granddaddy and little Caleb.