Here are some more pictures from the visit with Mamaw, these are the pictures from Mom and Dad's camera.  Following those are random pictures.  He is now starting to hold his head up a lot, holding on to things, smiling, laughing ... all kinds of fun stuff that's wonderful to enjoy as parents.

Papaw and Caleb

Daddy and Caleb

Patch and Caleb

Caleb on the playmat that Grams got for him I think he likes it ...

or not!

Caleb's first bath after his umbilical cord fell off.

Caleb looking at his reflection in the faucet.

Sitting in one of his many rockers

This is the first time he held something for a long period of time.

I think he likes it!

Patch wanting to get in on the bath time action ... actually, he just wants to drink the water.

There's my little Yankees fan!

A nice outfit from Maggie and Ralph

That is one happy boy!


Ashley likes the sleeping shots with his little butt in the air.

Don't worry Grams, he does like his playmat a lot!

A tired father and son.

Too cute!

A nice picture of the Gagel family.

Holding 2 things!

Getting some Daddy lovin'

Playing with Mommy.


On May 31st we went to Portrait Innovations to have "2-month" pictures taken.  There were some really good one and although we know he can smile and does smile a lot, it was hard to get a good smile, but we got a couple!