Pictures of Caleb from June 5th to July 19th ... in chronological order.


That must be one rough dream.

Hey there I see you.

Oopsie daisy!

I love my Grammy!

Mommy I think this hat is a little too big for me.

Grandpa Kenny's got me!

Hi Grammy.

Caleb and Terri in St. Louis at the USA softball game.

Aww, so sweet.

Yay, play time!

Hi Mr. Octopus.

Mr. Cow is my friend.



Excersaucer time!

It's so tiring being a baby.

What's Mimi doing to my feet?


Grammy's got me again.

What's that?

Hi Grandpa.

The happy family after baby dedication.

The proud Grandparents.

What a rough day...I'm exhausted!

Your comfy Papaw.

You're funny Grammy.

Hi cousin Eliana.

It's so good to see you again.

I know it's been so long.

Uncle David!

Me and Lil' Miss...with crazy Aunt Amy and Caleb in the back being silly.

She thinks I'm funny.

Here I'll show you how to dance...

...no let me show you...

...first you go right...

...then you go left...

...then you switch mommies!

Mimi entertaining the kiddos while the we try to get out the door for dinner.

Look, the 2 most precious babies (but I'm not biased AT ALL).


The daddies and the babies...David, Eliana, Jonathan, Caleb, Stephen, and Helen.

Caleb is wearing his cute little yukata that our Japanese friends sent us for daddy's birthday dinner at the Japanese restaurant.

I want to stand!...

Us too!...now I want to go forward.


Now the mommies and the babies...Amy, Eliana, Me, Caleb, Amanda, and Helen.

Me and my ladies.

Eww! No kisses girls!

Ha ha this is fun!

Me and Miss Helen.

Good morning daddy!! Wake up!

I said wake up and play with me! I'm so excited it's morning and time to play.

Mommy, daddy isn't waking up.

Just chillin.


I'm not letting go!