Pictures of Caleb from July 8th to August 3rd ... in chronological order.

First visit to the Louisville zoo!

Caleb sleeping already and Eliana wide awake and ready to see animals.

I had never seen a peacock in a tree before!...we're not sure how he got up there but it was neat!

He's so pretty.

Caleb woke up in time to ride the carousel. He seems to like it.

He was still awake when we go to the train so on we went. He smiled and played the whole time.

Hey cuz!

She's crazy.

There's not room for you in here, there's barely room for me.

Our poor hot baby. He was so tired but fighting it. He finally fell asleep all twisted.


Yay Grandpa Kenny is here! (He's just out of the shot)

Hi Grammy!

Grammy must look funny or something.

A new chew toy! It's a little fuzzy but it's big enough for me to grab everywhere and still drool on!

A sweet Daddy and son picture.

I'm just resting a bit.

Watching Mommy play guitar hero.


We went to the local water park and this is the only picture that turned out. He's too cute!

Daddy you're too funny!

I mean it!

I'm going to bite it this time...I'm going to get it!

Who are you?

Why are you coming right at me?

You're kind of funny looking.


My poor sweet boy. He gets a little fussy with his teeth at night and being in his carrier calms him down.

Church was SO interesting!

He's wearing a cute little baby yukata that our Japanese friends sent us.

Our favorite shot!

Our little Sumo wrestler.


Ha Ha!

Hey I see you!

I'm flying!