Hi Daddy!

Hey Patch, let's play!

Come back!

There's my nice kitty, J.D.

Oh, a toy I can put in my mouth!

Mommy, what are you doing?!

Good morning Mommy!

I'm even happy when I wake up!

In the morning sleeping on his side.

A restless Caleb and a tired Mommy.

I see you buddy!

Another happy Caleb in the morning, there is no fancy photography this is his normal morning smile!

I got my feet!

Gumin' on my thumb!

Grams has me!

You lookin' at me?

I love Grams!

She's crazy funny!

One tired little boy holding on to his toys!

Who's there.

Watchin' TV.

I love J.D.

Mommy, I got it, no problem!

Woops, it's a J.D. pancake.

Pppthb, hair in my mouth.

Me and my kitty!

Look at me, I'm standing.

Let me give J.D. more lovin'.

My excersaucer is my favorite toy!

Hello Daddy ...

welcome home!

That is one handsome kid!