Pictures taken since the last time pictures have been posted.

Oh...keys! Mama never lets me have keys, you're so fun Papaw.

Lets try with my feet this time!

I'm trying out my telekinesis.

Papaw wore him out with his keys.

I'm gonna get you flying animals!

You talkin to me?

I will get you, I'm just stalking before I show you my cat-like reflexes.

Just a little teasing...you never know when I'm gonna pounce!

Just trying to phsych you out.

Keep on movin.

Ha! Gotcha! I'm quick and cat-like!

I am not letting go.

And down she goes...he tore down the mobile breaking the arm that holds it in the air.

I told you I wasn't going to let go!

This is what happens when Daddy lets him play.

I'm crooked.

That's better.

I hear JD kitty!

There you are my friend!

Who are you?

Yes Mommy?

Oh, that's me?

Another picture? Don't you all get tired of taking my picture?

This is not edible!

I think that there is something more tasty over there...or at least more interesting to look at.

Daddy what are you doing?

That tickles Daddy!

Daddy I love you.

Sweet boy.

I know I look good with my cool shades on!

Rice cereal for the first time!

Not so sure he likes it.

Maybe this isn't so bad, but it's definitely not my ninnies.

We survived our first 'meal'.

Our first 'real' food...peas!

He took a good first bite...

I'm not so sure that this is much better than that other stuff Mommy.

Well, it's food so maybe it's not so bad.

I think that I might actually like them.

Daddy hold it still I can't catch it when it's flying all over the place.

Ha! I got the spoon! Mommy never lets me have it.


Pictures from Julie & Jim's wedding ... well, not really of the wedding, but of Caleb & Eliana with Mimi & Papaw and others.  Afterwards we went over to Grammy's house and visisted.  October 4, 2008

Mimi & Eliana

Papaw doing what he does best...putting little one's to sleep.

Papaw you're too interesting to look at for me to go to sleep.

The pround Grandparents with the little bundles of joy.

Amy, Helen, and Amanda watching the show of picture taking.

Oh a toy!...oh no not this again!


Daddy's tie is such a fun toy! I wish he would wear one everyday...or at least every Sunday!

It tastes so good!

Ha! You think that by tickling me I'll give it back, no way Jose.

I know I'm cute and there's not a thing you can do about it.

Ha ha, this is fun Daddy!

I think that I would like to look a little more like Daddy and have a mustache.

The Gagel boy's.

Me and Beth.

On the way to Grammy's!

Caleb on the fancy quilt that Grandpa Kenny made him with all the Disney characters embroidered on it.

I like my letters.


Ha ha! You're funny Aunt Terri!

Stop it!

I mean it, that's too funny!

It's laughing at me...that's funny!

Yummy, yummy keys!

Mom, I got it!

Ha ha! I don't know what I'm laughing at anymore!

No way Jose.

I mean it.

Mama what are you doing down here?

Where did she go?

There she is! I found her!

Daddy those are MY fingers.

Hey that tickles!

Not the flying! You know I can't stop laughing with the flying!

My belly!

I get you're face!

Thank you Aunt Terri for my new chew toy...it tastes so good!


Pictures from Helen's 1st Birthday Party ... now she has a lot of cousins!  October 11, 2008

I love this thing! It bounces and squeaks when I try to eat it!

Let me get it! Let me get it!

Come on Daddy, let me have it...it's just so fun!

Most of the Miller's, Benzel's, and half the Gagel's

Mimi putting the tired boy to sleep.

The Birthday Girl, Miss Helen.

Her little 1st Birthday Precious Moments girl.

Lot's of presents!

Amanda trying to help Helen open a present.

Her very own remote control.

Lots of people.

Miss Helen having fun in her wagon.

She was way moreinterested in her tissue paper than the presents.

On the porch of Bev & John's house.

Helen having a great time with her cake.

Yummy, yummy!

Silly Daddy.

All the kids! There were a TON!

Stephen pulling Helen around in her wagon.

The happy family.

Papaw showing Caleb the friendly scarecrow.

Oh that thing? Funny!

Caleb & the birthday girl.