Saturday, October 18th we went to Evan's Apple Orchard (just 5 minutes from our house).

The donkey's were really sweet. This was the first time Caleb had been near anything other than a cat!

I think that he likes the animals.

I couldn't believe that they had a baby zebra...or as Leesa says a horse with stripped pajamas (it's a song they used to sing).

The aggressive baby camel.

Jonathan was amazed by the porccupines in the back.

I think that Caleb really wanted to feel how soft the camel was for himself.

He seemed to really like the Scottish Highland cattle.

Jonathan running from the camel that was probably about to eat his ear!

The sweet donkey's again.

My little monkey.

Caleb picking out a pumpkin.

He really liked them!

Is this the one you want?

My sweet boys! Caleb finally picked the one he wanted.

Where'd they go?

Oh! There they are! I thought that I lost them.

Caleb enjoying the ride from daddy.

Tired boy loving on daddy.

Silly daddy! Our cute Pumpkin in with all the other pumpkins.

Hey this is fun!



Caleb meeting Aunt Maggie for the first time.

Jonathan all dresed up and talking to Mamaw.

Jonathan with sweet Eliana.

Papaw and his girl.

Miss Helen and Miss Eliana.

Amanda with the cute couple...maybe someday.

Aren't they cute together?

Caleb and his girls.

Being brave with no bib on.

Who's there?

Yummy links.

He looks like a little doggy like that.


Ha ha! You're funny!

Another new food...sweet potatoes. He looks so excited to try something new.


All done!

Daddy time!

You're so funny daddy!

Wee! This is great!

See mommy I LOVE it!!


Who you lookin at?

You want me to eat what?

Can I eat your hat Grandpa Kenny?

It looks so fun and yummy!


Hey who turned out the lights?

Grandpa Kenny's hat is a little big on me, but I like it.

I ate it, are you happy now?

I don't want anymore.

Yuck! I don't want one more bite!

I gotta get this off my face.

I said no more!

Hi Bruce, Eugene, and Reggie!

Ha ha! I'm going to get them!

Can I play with your horn Reggie?

What mommy? He said I could.

She's not looking, I better hurry.

Silly Patch inside the Pampered Chef box.

You guys are so fun.

Daddy it's bright out here! It hurts my eyes!

Papaw trying to make sure that Caleb doesn't fall off the pumpkins.

Mimi and her boy.

Mimi and Papaw taking Caleb through the petting zoo again and having fun.

Blasted camel! I was trying to feed the zebra and he came out of nowhere.

Mimi trying to keep Caleb from eating Mamaw's fun Halloween hat.

Caleb very excited about something out the window.

Caleb trying to eat the phone cord while Mimi talks on it.

Caleb entertaining himself at the hospital.

Oh daddy did you see me?!

Mommy I'm tired...can I just lay on daddy like this for a while?

Papaw and his boy checking out the monitor.

Caleb cheering up Mamaw.

He's giving her all his best stuff to get the cheering up job done.

Caleb eating some dinner while we start passing out candy at the Trunk or Treat for Halloween.

Everyone lining up to get candy in front of our car.

Cute little Brianna in her pumpkin costume getting candy.

Caleb joining his pair for a few pictures in the Ark.

Amy, David, and the little pea pod Eliana.

My cute little Tigger.

Caleb and Eliana were too fascinated with each other to look for the picture.

Jonathan handing out candy next to his creation...we won first place for best decorated car. He put a lot of work into it.

Crystal, Brianna, me, Jonathan, Caleb, Rich, Eliana, David, and Amy.

This is by far the best shot of the 6 of us we've gotten in a while.

Aww too cute!

The cuties in their stroller before everything gets into full gear.

Caleb and the rest of 'Noah's Ark'.

Jonathan and his Tiggers.

A good full shot of it all...I did the clouds and Jonathan did everything else.

Just some of the people who came by to trunk or treat.

Rich and his sweet little girl Brianna.

After the trunk or treat David, Amy, and Eliana came over here and spent the night before heading back the next day, and she had fun on the floor.

But that says Caleb, I want my own letters.

These are so good!

Ha ha look what I have!


I want it! No, I do, it's mine!

But mom it's my toy and she took it! I don't want to share. Hee hee I got it.

Now I want that! No, I'm playing with it!

I guess I'll let him keep it just this once.

Eliana meeting JD for the first time...this may be her first encounter with a cat. She was hilarious!

Aww sweet Eliana.

Flying Caleb!