Miscellaneous pictures from the end of October, November, and before Christmas in December.

Caleb's first laptop.

I think he is done with it.

Nope, he forgot to do the patent taste test that he does with ALL of his toys.

Mimi and Caleb.

Papaw making Caleb laugh.

Ashley's Great-Grandmother sitting in the chair surrounded by her four children at Thanksgiving.

Here she is surrounded by her 13 grandchildren (I think that is all of them).

Here she is surrounded by 16 of her great-grandchildren (and that's not all, a few are missing)!

5 Generations!

Dad and Caleb sacked out Thanksgiving afternoon.

Caleb's turkey pajamas.

Playing with a new toy at Mimi & Papaw's house.

Caleb watching a Shrek Chirstmas while we put up Christmas decorations.

Caleb laying in front of the tree staring up at it.

Someone's standing up in their Pack-n-Play.

A family portrait

Lookie at what I have!

I am too cute!

Caleb in the back of our new Sienna with daddy while mommy is getting the rundown on how everything works!

Again, the patent taste test ...

and it passes with flying colors!

Our packed garage ... it is a little bigger than the Corsica!

Naked baby in a box ...

doing a taste test.

A fun new toy

He absolutely loved having the box put on top of him.

Ashley playing Shaun White Snowboarding on the Wii at Kendall's house.

She is actually jumping and doing a back flip ... on the game. In real life she is impersonating a tree!

Caleb is very entertained.

Go mommy!

Another jump or something.

Caleb and Grandpa ...

watching mom do her thing!

Play time.

Pay no attention to the toddler next to the TV.

I got daddy's ear.

Caleb with socks on his arms.

Caleb's 1st snow.

Ashley made this little snow ball and gave it too him, but his expression is priceless!