Miscellaneous pictures of Caleb with friends and family.

Thanksgiving weekend on Papaw's shoulders.

Gettin some lovin' from Daddy before bedtime.

Mr. Cheesit (he was supposed to be sleeping)

"Look at me, I'm too cute!"


A great blackmail photo later in life!

Typical Caleb

Somebody just woke up.

Caleb and Brianna on January 3rd.

Cute little Brianna.


Look at me, I can go anywhere now! Yes, he can, but no, he isn't walking yet.

Huh, you talkin' to me?!

Caleb loves the telephone.

Shuffling along the coffee table.

One tired Caleb.

Post surgery Caleb. It isn't a picture we like to see, but it is a reminder that God still does miracles and He answers prayers.

After he was taken off the respirator he started to get some life back in him ... here he is holding the ballons.

Off the respirator finally!



We were all tired after the hospital for a week.

Caleb and Grams.

Caleb and Mommy.

Home again and getting into stuff ... that is a blank plastic disk that comes with blank CD and him blowing on it ...

and of course trying to get it in his mouth!

The little guy is back to normal and into everything!

We love our Little Miracle!