Caleb's 1st Birthday Party!!!

Caleb with his hat on April 3rd, his 1st Birthday ... we had his party on Saturday, April 4th.

A cookie cake for all!

Caleb's own cake made by his mommy!

Where's the fire?!

Hmmm ... can I really touch it?!

Oh, this isn't too bad.

Oh yeah, give me some more!

Look everybody ... two handed.


On my hat and in my face.

Oh yeah, this is fun!

Gimme gimme gimme ... oops, it's on the tray!

One happy Caleb, Mommy, and Grams.

Present time! "I know what's in there!"

Tissue paper, I liked that at Christmas ...

...but I know there's more!

Aha, got it!

What is that thing doing?

Moving ears, must grab them.

Ha ha, I got it!

Cute Helen, potential future girlfriend!

Oh yeah, look at me!

My slide from Grams is fun!

"I like looking out the side."

Helen and Caleb playing.

Helen on Caleb's 4-wheeler.

Caleb and his 4-wheeler.

Caleb and Helen on the 4-wheeler.