Here are some miscellaneous pictures of Caleb's Birthday Party, at the Zoo, playing in the dirt of the flower bed, and Mother's Day at Granddaddy's house.

Look how many paci's I have!! 2 in each hand and 2 in my mouth...that's talent!

Some group shots of Caleb's Birthday party on April 4th. David, Terri, Grammy, and Grandpa Kenny.

Caleb and Papaw during lunch with Stephen in the background.

The brothers, almost matching.

Mimi and Eliana.

The yummy food.

The streamers in the kitchen that Mommy and Daddy worked hard on.

The dinning room streamers.

The living room streamers and the "Happy 1st Birthday" banner.

This is one of Caleb's favortite spots now. He'll climb in there and play with the grill or sit in there and poop.

Don't watch me!

Playing with the balloons and AC return grill.

Caleb standing and playing while watching some tv.

Ring tailed lemurs at the Louisville Zoo!

Caleb and Mimi on the carousel at the zoo...he seems to like it.

He really liked these eagles. They were as big as him and the one came right up to him.

Look Mommy, that's bigger than our birds at home!

The lioness drinking. The lions were pretty active that day, it was very neat.

They were all moving around and the 2 females were on opposite ends of the exhibit and would roar...it was neat!

As usual the male is tired and lazy. ;)

This was too funny! This zookeeper was just in there with the monkeys letting them play with her hair and climb on her.

These are from when we redid the landscaping out front. Jonathan was determined to let Caleb play in the dirt...he's a boy was his arguement.

So there goes my nice clean boy into the dirt...needless to say Daddy did bathtime that night. :)

He loved it, while Mommy cringed.

I think that he even got to taste some dirt...there's no telling what else got eaten. :(

Apparently dirt tastes good...although I can't imagine that.

Mommy I can't believe that you let me do that!

This is on Mother's day, and my Birthday out at Granddaddy's on his deck above the creek.

Mom and Terri were having fun letting him play on the glider. We were trying to get a good picture of him.

Ha Mommy and Daddy look what Grams and Aunt Terri let me do!

The happy family.


On March 5th we went to the Louisville Zoo for the first time together.

The first family trip to the zoo!

Mimi and Caleb on the buffalo.

Daddy's turn!

Mommy's turn!

The rino's were moving around quite a bit that day.

Caleb loving the huge giraffes.

Daddy trying to let him have a better look at them.

Caleb and Daddy.

Mimi running to catch up.

The lions were really lazy that day.

They didn't move much.

Mimi's favorite time...changing time!!

She was pretty.

The monkey's were getting fed and putting on a bit of a show.

Mommy and her boy.

Caleb and Mimi watching the meerkats.

Silly boy!

The Family.

He liked watching the gorilla right there by the window.

He would just watch and look...it was cute.

We actually got to get a good look at the tiger that day. Usually it's right behind the door where they have shows and you can't get a good look.

Mimi pushing the stoller...hang on Caleb!

Mommy and Caleb on an adventure in the stroller.

Mimi making him laugh.

Hang on kiddo!

There's construction around that area so it's a gravel pathway and bumpy.

The mountain lion (or puma, etc) was moving around that day.

Snow leopard resting up high.

The beautiful eagles.

The crazy peacock that roams the zoo and chases small children...well sort of.


This time it was David's birthday and Jonathan took off work to go with us.

Uncle David and Caleb on the carousel.

Aunt Amy, Eliana, Becky, and the boys.

Daddy and Caleb having a good time!

Hi Mommy!

Hold on tight Caleb!!

Daddy lets go again!

Caleb really liked the leopard and wanted to ride again, but everyone else was ready to move on.

But Daddy are you sure we can't ride just one more time and I can sit on him?

Mimi and 'lil Miss.

Daddy, Caleb, Mimi, and Eliana posing for the paparazzi.

Again Caleb with the eagles next to the giraffes, he really likes them.

Daddy and Caleb with the baby giraffe. He was so cute.

A close up of the baby...adorable!

Everyone checking out the rinos. They were trying to get them to come closer so that they could get a better look.

They were working with the elephants when we got there, walking them around then having them do some things near the enclosure.

Caleb was very excited.

Heres some of the other tricks they had the elephants doing. It was really neat to watch them work with them.

This time we decided to take Caleb in the petting zoo, everyone else waited outside for us. Caleb loved it!

Jonathan with the kiddos after lunch.

Caleb loving on Eliana. He was doing this all day and she would tolerate it for about 2 seconds then she was done and wanted him off her!...

...He loves to love on people!...

...Still lovin'...

...more lovin'!

The gorilla was moving around a bit when we got in there.

This one was having a pretty good time playing.

The kiddos having fun just watching the gorillas and walking along the edge.

Walking with the kiddos.

All 5 of the kiddos that were there that day...Becky's 3 boys and Caleb and Eliana.

It's not easy trying to get 5 little ones to sit still to try to get a good picture!

Take 3!

Me with the happy kiddos!

I think that Eliana was trying to avoid Caleb's love.

He was going after her again.

Such a sweet loving boy.

The leopard resting in the shade.

He must be really tired.

Me and Caleb with the chameleon.

The orangatang was just hanging out.