Here are a few videos of Caleb ...

Riding his 4-wheeler to Dad  (3.8MB mpg)

Herky Jerky 4-wheeler Riding  (5.7MB mpg)

Pushing 4-wheeler forward  (7.2MB mpg)

Pushing 4-wheeler backwards  (5.6MB mpg)

Helping Dad push wheelbarrow  (7.3MB mpg)

Pushing wheelbarrow my himself  (5.1MB mpg)

Riding in the wheelbarrow  (7.3MB mpg)

Caleb's dirty britches  (7.0MB mpg)

Caleb eating a rock  (1.8MB mpg)

Caleb using pliers  (4.6MB mpg)

Caleb using playing with a hammer  (6.9MB mpg)l