Miscellaneous pictures of Caleb since the last update!

Cute little guy!

Reading books during changing time.

He is actually sleeping!

Daddy checking Caleb, he was zonked out.

One tired kiddo ... on the way to Metropolis to see Uncle David, Aunt Amy, and Eliana.

Getting a ride from Daddy.

Pushing the wheel barrow.

July 4th on our front porch.

Loving on J.D. He is very very very patient with Caleb.

Hello up there!

What are you looking at?

Can I pet you?

Cheesin' with Grams.

Helping Grams get up the hill.

Daddy and Caleb playing with the water globe.

Playing in the bubbles while Mommy and Daddy wash the car.

Eliana and Caleb in the van.

Eliana feeding Caleb.

Caleb thought this Jack-a-lope was the funniest thing.

Taking a ride through the apple orchard during the Apple Festival.

Enjoying some apple.

Look at me!

Mommy and Caleb.

Daddy and Caleb.