Some miscellaneous pictures of Caleb.

Peanut butter and Jelly, yummmm!

I'm sure that time will come soon enough!

Just too cute.

Now for a disappearing trick ... watch closely ....

it;s still there ... but now, it's ....



September 26 was Toyota's Kings Island Day and although we didn't stay long Caleb had a blast.

Caleb's 1st ride by himself (sorta). This boys father said Caleb could ride with him and the other boy did eventually smile.

Caleb loved it!

I laughed so hard I nearly cried and everyone watching was just commenting about him the whole time.

Caleb 1st ride by himself.

Lovin' it!


Playing Putt-Putt in Branson, Missouri ... it was freezing.

A cold Ashley.

I've never seen a dragon pose like a bunny!

Ashley isn't having a lot of fun.

Caleb and Jonathan in front of Albert Pujol's restaurant in St. Louis.


We had lunch one afternoon with one of my Japanese co-workers (and his "secret" girlfriend that had worked at TEMA earlier in the year) that has been here for 1.5 years ... he left on December 24th.

Kyoko and Caleb.

Caleb on Tank's lap playing with some water.

Bottom's up!

Tank, Kyoko, Caleb, Ashley, Jonathan