On May 29th we went over to the Burford's house along with the Baggotts and Judy, Brent, and Elizabeth for an evening of archery practice, eating, and fun.

I'm petting a chicken!! There's a first for everything I guess...I'm still not sure how Braden talked me into that.

This is why I don't like chickens!! They freak out for no reason!

Somehow Braden convinced me to hold the chicken...a momentary lapse of sanity on my part I think! I think that Faith thinks it's funny!

I was completely amazed that I hadn't either had my eyes pecked out or pooped on!

Mitch and Faith playing with Caleb on the 4-wheeler...It was not on or moving or anything they were just sitting.

I think that Caleb likes anything with fur or feathers that he can pet/hit/grab.

The whole reason we went to the Burford's...to shoot our bows! This was only the 3rd time that I had shot a bow.

I didn't necessarily do very good that night but I at least kept the arrows on the target and didn't tear up my arm!

Jonathan's turn...yes you're seeing this right! I, the lefty, shot right handed and Jonathan, the righty shot left handed!

He's actually really good left handed!

Caleb having fun in the back of the truck by the barn. The kiddos were pretty good at entertaining him so we adults could have some fun. :)

He thinks he's big stuff up there. :)

Hey you guys!!

Caleb and Elizabeth looking at who knows what.

Lauren and Caleb playing in the truck.

Carey grilling up some food for everyone.

The kids loved the rope swing!

Daddy and Caleb on the porch swing.

Daddy I can't see with your big hat on my head!

The girls playing with Caleb and probably chasing Jonathan.

Sam running after something.

Getting some grub! Carey was bringing in some more meat.

The pretty sunset.

It was so nice out there!

Jonathan, Brent, Caleb, and Cole.

Apparently Daddy thought that Caleb was going to go out on the 4 wheeler with the boys and needed a helmut...yeah right!!

He was OUT!! Judy was able to get him to fall asleep in the stroller...it was only about 11:00!

The poor thing was SO tired, but he did SO good all night!

The set up for the shooting. We were shooting into their barn which had targets set up at the far end and the radio going and everything.

Braden with the kids 4 wheeler that they had fun on all afternoon.

It had gotten quite chilly out there!