Here are some pictures of rooms in our house and their transformation from plain white walls to the vibrant colors that we chose to paint them.  We did all of the painting while we were waiting for our sea shipment to arrive wich was the perfect time for painting as there was nearly nothing in any of the rooms.  My dad and I worked for 3 weekends on painting and actually we chose to delay our sea shipment delivery one week to finish the painting.  Everything worked out perfectly with the timing and Ashley and I love the colors.  My favorite quote about the colors so far is from my mom (in reference to the kitchen), "It looks really good ... cause it isn't in my house!"

The Dining Room  For some reason I have always wanted a burgundy red dining room in my house.  I don' know why, but I always have.  Ashley didn't have any other strong wants so burgundy (Drum Beat) it was!  Well, let's just say that deep red Behr paint does not do well on white walls ... we realized it after 2 coats, but still painted another coat with the Behr paint.  After becoming very frustrated we went to Sherwin Williams and got them to color match and in 1 coat, it nearly covered everything, but we did one more coat anyways.  After 5 coats of paint it was perfect.  Oh, how did we pick that exact color you ask?  Since we didn't have anything to really match, we found the area rug at Home Depot when we were paint shopping and matched the wall as close as possible to the burgundy in the rug ... a pretty good match if I do say so myself!

Bare walls ... borrrring.

Getting ready to paint!

After coat #1, that doesn't look good ... sorta like giant red bricks!


The area rug was a perfect match, we didn't get it until 3 weeks after we painted.

Our dining room set minus the china cabinet top that goes to our hutch ... there will be more pictures once it arrives.


Ashley's Kitchen  Well ... yes, it is bright!  So after we picked out a red we then needed to find something for our kitchen.  It seemed like a golden tan color would look nice so we started picking lots of yellow/gold/tan colors.  Trying to find a nice match for the tile floor, wood cabinets, and counter was kind of difficult.  The more colors we looked at the more we started leaning to a bright yellow (Nasturtium) so yellow it was.  Ashley has wanted a yellow kitchen because we have a friend with a yellow kitchen and she loved it (her kitchen isn't nearly this yellow though).  We purchased some artwork during our Australia vacation last year and hung it on the main wall and it looks really nice with the yellow and because the dining room is also a vibrant color.

Our kitchen before there was even a refridgerator.

Ready for painting ...

The finished product ...

Artwork from Australia.

Ashley's Starbucks mug collection ... we will wrap it around until it hits the wall and then continue on some shelves along the ceiling!


Caleb's Bedroom  This will be Caleb Jeffrey's room.  We picked out this color (Grass Cloth) because it matches the bedding set that we picked out for him.  His room will have an animal theme and the border we'll put up has this color in it.  This was the first room we painted and it turned our really good from the beginning!

Plain ole' white.


Patch checking out the car seat and swing.

Caleb's crib and future bed ... there are more pieces to come!


Master Bedroom  This room really made our jaws drop the first time we walked through our house.  It is 18'x20' ... it is huge.  We can fit 6 king size beds in it and still have about a 5 foot walking space between them.  Besides the space we love it as Ashley already has plans for some reading chairs, etc. by the windows.  We picked out a bedding set for our room and wanted to match the walls.  The bedding set isn't as deep a blue as the walls, but we liked a slate blue looking color (Renior), although I think it is a little more blue than slate!  We really like the way our room turned out.

When we got this picture from our realtor we had no idea how big a room it was.

It really didn't sink in until we put our king size bed together and realized we could still have a skating rink!

Bedroom door and bathroom/closet door on the left.

Our bedding set on our bed with some other furniture.

Pieces of our bedroom suite ... lots of space still!

Another view in the bedroom with the bench that one of my best friends made for Ashley and I for our wedding between the windows on the far wall.


Living Room  We originally weren't going to paint the living room yet, but wait and see what color we would like after our furniture and other items arrived from Japan.  Well, I was talked into it by Ashley and my parents because painting with nothing in the room is the best time to paint.  Being the last color we picked and already being tired from many other decisions we picked Stone Lion.  Not really sure why except it was a nice neutral color and we thought it would look good.  Well, after the room was painted, it looks really good beside the Drum Beat dining room.

Standing at the front door looking back into the dining room.

Ashley walking around the corner from upstairs with the front of the house behind her.

A view of our living room from the dining room ...

A view from the front door.

Our curio cabinet filled with a collection of crafts and souvenirs from Japan.

These two calligraphy hangings were done by Noriko (left) and Daiichiro (right). These are one of our most prized pieces from Japan.


The Loft  We haven't done much with the loft yet, but this will be our office area until the kids turn it into a play room or so everyone tells us :)  Anyway, we aren't painting it yet, but I have a few ideas up my sleeve that will make the painting in this room my favorite!


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