We visited David, Amy, and Eliana the weekend of September 6th with Mom and Dad.  Their house is very nice and they have a very nice backyard ... something we don't have living in a subdivision!

One happy baby boy!

Mimi and Caleb

Mimi's first bit from Caleb and his 5 teeth!

Caleb and Daddy in front of the Superman statue!

Uncle David and Eliana joining in the fun! Oh look, there's Mommy!

Now that's trouble!

Aunt Amy, Eliana, Mommy, and Caleb.

The proud Grandparents ... Papaw, Caleb, Mimi, Grandma, and Eliana.

Superman and Superwoman!

Superman and Superwoman!

Superboy and Supergirl! Help our heads shrunk.

Superpapaw and Supermimi!

Maybe the first time Caleb was sitting up by himself.

Superman and Supergrandma!

The Superman of Metropolis!

I thought it was going to be a "museum" but it was basically one guys Superman collection ... the largest in the world ... it was cool!

The real phone both in the original TV show!

There was a fan that turned on when you closed it behind you!

This is the holy grail of comic books, a MINT copy of Action Comics #1. This is a multi-million dollar comic book!

A cool picture I took!

Baby Dedication Sunday at David and Amy's church for Eliana, the real reason we came down!

Who's that!

Papaw's got me!