I took off Friday, October 17th and we spent the day at Natural Bridge State Park and Red River Gorge State Park.

Jonathan and Caleb getting on the chairlift to go up.

It was chilly that morning so we had a cute little jacket on Caleb and a blanket trying to keep him warm on the ride.

The sun was just starting to come over the hill.

The pretty leaves that had turned even though it was a little early.

My sweet boys looking around, far off the ground.

Successfully exiting the chairlift!

The Happy Family!

Daddy and Caleb with the pretty background.

Mommy's turn!

Our first glimpse of the Natural Bridge.

I didn't want to be too close to that edge...it's a long way down!

My serious boys.

The sun was in their face but they're still cute.

Daddy the fun chew toy.

The boys and the Bridge.

Caleb flying over the Bridge.

He is fascinated with trees and leaves so we stopped for a little leaf picking break.

The colors were so nice.

On the trail to go back toward the chairlift to go to the bridge.

On the Bridge.

Sweet happy Caleb.

Flying on the bridge...get away from the edge Daddy!

Jonathan set up the camera on a rock with the timer to get this one...it turned out pretty good.

Back down on the chairlift...that's a big drop!

Coming over the first crest to go back down to the car.

This is so fun mommy!

Going to the Gorge.

The craziest tunnel I've ever been in! It's one way and tight! My Grandparents almost got stuck in it the next day in a bus!

After hearing that my grandparents went in I was VERY surprised since my grandmother is claustrophobic...it made me a bit nervous in our little Focus.

More pretty colors over near the Gorge.

My adventure boys ready for the hike!

Stopping for a little play time in the carrier.

A really pretty bright yellow tree...every once in a while we would see one of these.

A neat rock wall.

The boys in a big crevase in the wall.

The narrow path that we hiked...that's a big drop off on the left.

Another natural bridge...there are a lot around there.

While we were standing there we saw it start slipping so I went to help hold it up until help could arrive.

They needed it lifted a little on this side.

Another leaf picking pit stop.

Another neat rock wall.

A nice couple was there taking pictures in a crevase in the wall and we got them to take our picture.

Now we're standing where they were standing to take the last picture.

I just thought that the stairs in the middle of the trees looked neat.

Another trail that we went on.

Getting Caleb out of the carrier to load back into the car to go to another place.

A little description of the arches/bridges in the area.

The sky was beautiful all day long.

Another bridge.

A big tree that had fallen.

Another neat rock wall/crevase.

To show you how big this one was.

Really tall trees.

A little stream we found on the trail on the way to another bridge.

The pool at the bottom of the stream.

The pretty stream with the setting sun coming through...we better hurry up and get out!

The only bridge formation with an actual river running under it.

I really liked all the little rock stairs along the paths.

Large Magnolia leaves native to this region and further South.

I just thought that it was neat the way those trees were right in the middle of the trail with the leaves all around them.