The Annual Superman Festival in Metropolis, IL ... the home of Superman.  Metropolis is where my brother and his family lives.

The beginning of a lot of time spent together in the stroller during the weekend.

They did really good together.

Our first spandex spotting ... there would be lots more to come.

Wait, I'm you, no your me, we're each other!

Just given some lovin' or wanting Eliana's sippy.

Caleb absolutely loving the donkey ride.

Could never figure this one out.

Caleb with the official Superman of the Superman Festival.

Poor Eliana wanted nothing to do with him.

Playing in the yard before dinner.

Playing with the mommies.

I love to eat!

Playing in the water for a little bit.

More spandex.

Some television actors.

Strike a pose!

The old lady is the original Lois Lane in the original Superman television show (I think).

Get off of me Caleb!

Gimme that hat.

A demonstration at the Dippin Dots restaurant of how Dippin Dots are made! It's a liquid that drips through little tubes into liquid nitrogen!