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Updated on: 12/24/2011
Updated on: 4/30/2011
Updated on: 4/13/2011
Updated on: 4/5/2011
Updated on: 4/4/2011
  • Miscellaneous pictures from Jonathan's Blackberry from 2008-2011

  • Pictures from the 2011 Birthday parties: Joshua's birthday party, the Chuck E. Cheese party, and Caleb's birthday party

Updated on: 1/2/2011
Updated on: 12/10/2010
Updated on: 12/8/2010
  • Updating this for all the grandparents so I get good food at Christmas and because I need to!  Pictures from July and August

Updated on: 7/31/2010
Updated on: 6/11/2010
Updated on: 6/10/2010
Updated on: 5/29/2010
Updated on: 3/6/2010
Updated on: 2/20/2010
Updated on: 2/8/2010
  • Several videos of Caleb ... dancing, running, break dancing ...

Updated on: 12/29/2009
Updated on: 11/1/2009
  • A video especially for Julie and other PBC friends: Just Come In (3.2MB mpg)

Updated on: 9/15/2009
  • New miscellaneous pictures

  • Pictures from the Louisville Zoo in July

  • Pictures from Evan's Apple Orchard in September

Updated on: 7/4/2009
  • Several videos of Caleb playing in the backyard with Dad

Updated on: 7/3/2009
  • New miscellaneous pictures

  • Pictures from the Louisville Zoo in March

  • Pictures from the Louisville Zoo in June

Updated on: 4/19/2009
Updated on: 3/31/2009
  • You won't believe this one and neither did we ... thank goodness he was OK the first time!  Caleb and the ____!

Updated on: 3/21/2009
Updated on: 2/16/2009
Updated on: 1/16/2009
Updated on: 1/11/2009
Updated on: 1/2/2009
  • November & December pictures

  • Caleb's 1st computer; Thanksgiving; Caleb's 1st Christmas tree and other pictures around the house; Caleb in our new Sienna; Caleb's 1st snow

  • Christmas pictures

  • Family pictures

Updated on: 11/22/2008
Updated on: 11/21/2008
  • New pictures:
  • Evan's Apple Orchard
  • With Helen & Eliana
  • Caleb's First Halloween!
Updated on: 10/12/2008
Updated on: 9/19/2008
  • New pictures of us (but mostly Caleb)
Updated on: 8/11/2008
Updated on: 7/19/2008
Updated on: 6/1/2008
  • Pictures from our "2-month" Portrait Innovations session
  • Everyday Caleb pictures (not literally every day)
Updated on: 5/11/2008
  • Pictures from our "1-month" Portrait Innovations session
  • Caleb's 1st trip to Louisville ... Gagel 4-generation pictures, Ashley's side 5-generation pictures!
Updated on: 4/28/2008
Updated on: 4/7/2008
Updated on: 3/27/2008
Updated on: 2/21/2008
Updated on: 2/04/2008
  • A progression of Ashley's belly (covered by her shirt) during her pregnancy
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