This is the parking lot as we are getting ready, that's James ... he isn't using the restroom.

The tram coming in to dock at the bottom at 1,662 meters.

Only the beginning of seeing God's beautiful earth.

Top of the tram way, 2,612 meters ... 8,569 feet!

The first view as we walk out of the welcome center at the top.

This sign is looking out the front of the welcome center.

Same as on the name plate, the peak beyond the mountains is Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Fuji directly in the center.

Ashley, Lindsay, and Lynn

We are gonna hike up that pass in the middle.

Those are actually people climbing up and I would say the average as is 40+ years old, no joke!

This is Atsushi and Mike trying to figure out where we are gonna stay because our lodge was booked.

These people are stretching before they go up the steap pass that I showed before, they aren't in their 20's or 30's.

Japanese people pay homage to buddha or whoever before they begin hiking.

Here we go!

A perfect day!

Now we are going up! Are we sure about this!


A small pit stop.

My current desktop!

Gotta keep going!

We made it to the top!

The view!

The cabin on the left is where we are gonna stay the night.

Everyone resting.

A view of the welcome center from up top.

Even with the clouds!

Figuring out our afternoon hike.

James and Lindsay


Destination #1

At Desination #1 looking back at our lodge.

Looking at Destination #2


A shrine at Desitnation #1, god is inside.

On to Desitnation #2

Come on Ashley!

A lodge, I think on the way to Destination #2

Destination #2 - Kisokama-ga-dake, the 17th highest mountain in Japan at 2,956 meters.

Lynn, Lindsay, some guy, Atsushi, and Mike


A view of Destination #1 from Destination #2

More mountains in the distance peaking through the clouds.

A view from the ridge line to the right of Destination #2.

Moving forward ...

Another break.

We are gonna keep going along that ridge line.

Here we go again!

Ashley and Lindsay ... this ain't no walk in the park!

we keep going ...

and going ...

and going ...

Up in the left corner are the two lodges you saw before ... yeah, we gotta get back there!

and going ...

A little pond in the mountains.

A little budha statue.

Our cabin.


And on we go!

Some fog, or clouds, setting in.

Ashley is gonna keep on going ... well, she really doesn't have a choice.

A small little break.

The red lodge to the right of ours, we are almost there! This is the last picture on Saturday, because I was absolutely exhausted!

Sunday morning, view from the lodge! Oh yeah, it's 6:00 a.m., we ate breakfast, and are getting started.

Ashley, Lindsay and I are going back down the way we came up.

Lynn, James, Atsushi, and Mike are taking a longer way down ... we couldn't cut it. We'll try again!

Going down! Lindsay and Ashley to the left.

Smile for the camera!

Look at the rays of sun, simply beautiful.

That's where we came from!

Ohayo gozaimasu! Good morning! It's around 6:45 a.m. by now.

One last look back!

Our tram down, coming up!

The base of the tow line.

A dry creek bed at the bottom of the mountain as we head home!

In the distance is where we hiked.

You can see the faint grey streaks which are the paths to go up, I believe we took the bigger one on the right.