The brochure cover for Cormorant Fishing on the Nagara River.

Scan of a postcard

A japanese garden with statues of some cormorants

A temple in through the trees

A gardian dog or dragon, can tell which

A mantis on a statue

Ashley missing our kitties while Lynn and Lindsay patiently wait.

James and Lindsay just chillin'

A statue of a master cormorant fisher, officially titled "Cormorant Fishing masters of the Board of Ceremonies of the Imperial Household Agency"

The river where we would watch the fishing this evening.

Gifu Castle

This double rainbow was a full half-circle, I didn't have my better lens or else I would have gotten a picture of the entire thing.

The spectator boats docked, waiting for the evening.

Preparing fresh sweet fish before our journey.

The lady's youngest boy who provided entertainment for us while we waited for our sweet fish.

Our boat!

Some dancing entertainment while waiting on the river.

Waiting patiently.

Cormorant fishing at its finest!!