Arimatsu has three festive floats: 'Hotei-Sha Float', 'Karako-Sha Float' and 'Jingu-Kogo-Sha Float'. These are taken out to the street at the annual Arimatsu Festival, which is held the first Sunday of October. They are also shown to the public on the occasion of 'shibori festival' held annually in June. These three floats are designated by Nagoya municipal office as 'Cultural Treasures of the People' They are drawn to the street of original Tokaido, and parade along the street, where the spectators still feel the trace of Edo Period in its atmosphere. The sites of two huge floats meeting or changing directions, or performances by mechanical dolls on the floats are special treatments of the parade.  Information copied from this website: Arimatsu.

A beautiful sunset to begin the evening's festivities.

Tie-dyed A-ri-ma-tsu signs are hung throughout the town.

The street where the parade was held.

Thay have real candles with real fire lit inside of all of the paper lanterns.

The Western region float

The central region float

The Eastern region float

The wheels on the floats

Lighting the lanterns' candles

The Western float is a younger float at 150 years old!

Inside the bottom of the Western float

Me and a fellow Toyota employee. I found out he is working on the Intake Manifold for the new 4-cylinder E/G that I am working on.

Everyone participates in pulling the floats!

These guys manuver the floats through the street.

There are no pivoting wheels on the floats so the guys in the front and back push/pull in unison to turn the float.

It's a tight fit through the streets.

Everyone follows the floats as they go through the streets

Lynn pulling one of the floats!

There are small puppets on the floats, at the end of the parade they perform a small show being controlled by puppeteers in the float.