Koromo Matsuri is a traditional festival which began in the Edo Era. The purpose of this festival is to pray for a rich harvest for the year. 'Koromo' is the previous name of Toyota city.  Eight neighborhoods around the Koromo shrine have their own beautifully decorated 'Dashi' (a float), which both Aichi Prefecture and Toyota City designate as important Cultural Properties.  People pull these large and spectacular floats, walking and sometimes speeding through the streets of the city center. During the parade, roads are covered by a carpet of confetti.

We got to this point in the parade and this was the 3rd float.

Throwing confetti from the float.

Watch the power lines, I'm not sure, but that doesn't seem the smartest thing to do, but these floats are tall!

Children picking up the confetti!

Here comes float #4

Boys, get ready to turn the corner!

More confetti.

Last, but not least float #5.

These guys were excited!

Float #1.

The draps on the sides were simply beautiful, the detail is 2nd to none!

Float #2.

You have to pay attention!

Turning the float to get lined up ... there wasn't any power steering back in the 1800's when the floats were made.

Float #3.

Float #4.

Float #5.

Boys, get ready to turn!

Turning these things are hard work!

More pulling!

Man, we are exhausted, how much further is it!

Turning the corner and let the confetti fly!

Whoa boys! We can"t make the turn at these speeds.

Nike ... Just Do It!

All 5 floats lined up in waiting for the finale.

Here's one of the floats passing the others!

And another one!

Another corner ...

These guys are gonna turn this puppy around 180 degrees.

The last of the confetti ...

Bye bye ... look at the ground ... this is only the 2nd of 6 laps through the city!