The HUGE icky icky spider at the place we got our poles.

The BBQ site, everyone setting up.

Jonathan lost his hook within the first 5 minutes of fishing in his first fish.

Both of us fishing.

We got 'em!

Jonathan bringing our catches to put in the bag.

Me trying to get a hold of mine on land.

Lynn fishing.

He swollowed the hook!

Three more guys in the group...he got one!

Another one!

Me too!

Jonathan gutting one of the fish that we caught and will eat.

The gunky insides!

It's clean and ready for cookin'!

The cleaning crew.

Here I go...cleaning my first fish ever!

It's slippery!

Rinsing the blood out!

It's clean!...I did it!

Putting the chopstick through it to be cooked on the grill.

A grill full of the fish!

Jonathan being icky...he's eating the eye!!

Everyone getting their eat on!

Purple potato!!...it was yummy, tasted like sweet potato. They are grown in Hokkaido.

The beautiful scenery around us.

The cute little girl in our group playing in the water.

The little waterfall.

Most of the girls.

There's a fish in there!

The leader of the group getting his money's worth...he caught 6 or so in about 5 minutes!!