All of the ingredients ...

Ashley is preparing the batter.

First the batter ...

then cabbage, bean sprouts, and bacon ...

"I gotta flip this thing!?"

On 3 ... 1, 2 ...


Not bad at all!

Masumi taking all the credit for the wonderful flip, just kidding ... Masumi shopped with Ashley for the ingredients and really did all the hard work.

Add and egg and fry it.

now add yakisoba noddles ... this is for Hiroshima style okonomiyaki.

now I have to set it on egg and yakisoba noodles ...

Add some okonomiyaki sauce and mayo/mustard mix and ...

Viola, Hiroshima Okonomiyaki!

"Now it's our turn!"

"This is bigger than the one Jonathan flipped."


"That didn't go very well"

"Let's see you do better Lynn!"

Just about the same result! The 2nd one was larger than the first one that i successfully flipped twice.

Okonomiyaki #2, it may not look the greatest ... but it still tasted excellent!

Ashley mixing up "non-Hiroshima" style okonomiyaki batter.

Lindsay opted for the easiest ... good choice!

"James, I don't know why you had such a problem, this flipping thing is no big deal!"

Octopus for the octopus balls!

Bring on the takoyaki balls!

Yuki helping us start the takoyaki cooking ...

Drop in your meat ...

with onions, pickled ginger and rice krsipy type flakes!

almost done ... my complements to the chefs, Yuki and James!

Waiting for takoyaki round 2!