Women making pottery in a class.

Cute little chopstick holders.

A very large vase is being made.

The oven where pottery is baked.

She is painting her bowl.

Those are pottery tiles on the stone wall along the pottery walk.

Some large potteries.

A big cat.

Big frog pot.

An old chimney for a kiln.

One of the old alleys.

The 12 Zodiac signs. The burnt red color is what this area is known for.

These are supposed to protect the children.

Large ceremic pipes. These were once used in this city for water.

Along the pottery path.

A pretty flower along the path.

The garden outside where we ate lunch.

Those are large sake bottles that used to be used to ship sake.

More large sake bottles line the path.

This is the desk of an old shipping dealerof the mid 1800's.

An alter in the house.

The bedroom.

The 'hidden' staircase. This is what the servants would have used to go upstairs. It lowers down.

The main stairs...straight up!

Straight down!

One of the gardens on the property.

The store house.

The annex.

A bath tub. There would be a hot iron in the bottom with a floating piece of wood on top. Children were not allowed to use this type of bath.

Along the path...ceremic pipes on one side and sake bottles on the other.

More of the old houses on the path.

Some unfinished potteries in a workshop.

I just thought that the colors were neat.

This is a wall covered in painted pyramid shaped ceremic tiles.

From the other direction.

Up close of the two-toned tiles.

Some neat pottery men.

A cute kitten at one of the shops. There were 3 like this one and one with no white.

A lot of pottery sitting outside.