We rode on the Elephant jungle bus ... they were all quite impressive

Open up!

8" from a bear eating ...

It's feeding time!

Everyone up!

I see it, I see it ...

All I could say was "wow!"

From our car watching feeding time.

It just isn't something you see everyday!

She's just right outside of our car window.

I Brake for Lions.

Siberian Tigers

I Brake for Tigers


Look at those teeth!

3 White Rhinoceros

I Brake for All Kinds of Animals!


Llamas & Zebras

Goats in the trees

Burberry Sheep

In the distance are Yaks crossing

Again, braking for all kinds of animals

It's been a long day

Yakkity Yak, don't talk back!

Ashley in front of the Cat House ...

... it's exactly as it sounds! Ashley counted 26 loose cats and 5 in some cages!