This is a video that Ashley took of the Dolphin and Orca show.  (7.3MB mpeg)

The front of the aquarium.

This is a Japanese Antarctica expedition boat.

The suspension bridge.

More of the aquarium.

Whale and dolphin figures.

The main entrance.

The fountain out front.

Where the outdoor dolphin and killer whale shows are held.


The orca that's in with 3 dolphins.

The skeleton of an orca and a model orca.

The harbor on the way to the dolphin show.

The dolphin show.

We were 3 rows back in the very center!

Bye Bye!

Nice to meet ya!

The guy threw the frisbee out over the water, the dolphin swam under water and came up and caught it!!




Watch out!...I think they're going to get wet in those rows.