This is how pizza is delivered!

Japan has crossing guards and many of the busier intersections where there are lots of tourists. Actually, most stores have parking lot attendants!

Anyone want to go get their hair cut at the Bar Ber?

This is a popular tree and way to prune it, although I don't know what type it is.

The inside of our bB.

TV on the navi!

The ATM; you don't get bank statements so if you want to know the status of your account you have a passbook that gets printed on by the ATM.

Some guy with his dog in the Khama parking lot, I guess Kendall likes dogs?!


Meat for yakiniku


Check out the prices!

Daikon (Japanese radish)

The fruit at the top with the individual styrofoam wrappers is about 1.5x as much as the other ones below it!

Individually wrapped, marked, and stickered!

Germ prevention covers for your mouth, Japanese people are very self-conscious and try to protect others from themselves! That's a switcharoo!

A prime example, they walk around like this any and everywhere.

Attendent at the gas station.

Girl on the subway.

I think they are beat!

One of the Nagoya subway maps.

A typical street, a large 20 foot wall on the sides and above is the expressway.

The expressway


4 liters of whiskey, wow!

100 yen shop a.k.a. $1.00 store.

Which cell phone would you like ... and this is just 1 of 4 major suppliers in Japan!

Not sure if skirts were made for bike riding, but they do it anyways. It is quite amazing to watch them peddle with their legs always together.

The beginning of a really neat building in downtown Nagoya. You can see it is going to appear twisted!

Japanese toilet.

The cosmetics departments are always packed at anystore you go into!

I agree!

Downtown Toyota City lit up for Christmas.

Ashley and I in a Christmas globe after our Thanksgiving Day dinner.