The path from ropeway #1 to ropeway #2, #2 takes you to the top!

The view was awesome ...

This table was one in the middle of the observation deck that show all of the mountains in a 360 degree view.


Ashley and I getting our picture taken at the top, a Christmas Eve we won't foget!

This little boy was so cute, he was in the tram with coming up, his coat is as big as he is!

A hiker setting out on the trail ... I hope he dressed warm! Oh yeah, it was -7 degrees C.

This statue says look over there ...

The lodge where Ashley was waiting for me because she didn't where any boots, just her clogs ...

Me taking my picture ... peace!

Jonathan taking pictures.

A lodge way up in the mountains.

A display of the ropeway cables.

Going down ...

Going from #2 to #1 ropeway.

The bottom.

Ashley in front of some natual hot springs.

Jonathan in front of the same hot springs.

Ashley running to the car cause she's cold.