Tokyo Disney

Mickey Mouse heads on the monorail.

Mickey Mouse heads everywhere!

In front of Tokyo Disney.

Walt, Mickey, Jonathan, and David!

Some performers in the park.

Ashley and I in the Swiss Family Robinson house.

"David, that's the best idea you've had all day!"


Tokyo Sea

Ashley and I in front of the huge globe staring directly into the morning sun ... "dang it's bright!"

Tokyo Sea 5-year Anniversary

I think we all agreed that Tokyo Sea had the best scenary and props of any amusement park we have ever visited.

A crazy random ride where I eventually got a shot of David, Amy, and Mary Nell ... it spun, went forward, reverse, side ways, etc.

"That's a beautiful hat Jonathan!"

The globe lit up at night as we were walking out along with some random Japanese people getting their picture taken!

The end of another long day.



Akihabara, Tokyo is the supposedly famous place in Tokyo to get "cheap" electronics. Well, there were lots of electronics but maybe not so cheap!

Mary Nell and Amy found Dr. Pepper in a vending machine (pretty unusual); however, the picture on the can was more fun.

View from the top of the Roppongi Hills Tower.

Tokyo Hard Rock Cafe ... can you see King Kong on the side.