Everyone at the Yakiniku place for dinner!



Noriko working on my yukata...getting closer to being done.

Mary Nell helping set up for Tea Ceremony.

Our sweets, matcha balls and assorted sweets.

Noriko reading us the package of the matcha balls about where they're from.

Almost everything is all set up.

My tea bowl set up for it's first ever tea ceremony!

Noriko getting everything ready and explaining things as she goes.

Amy intently listening and watching as Noriko does the tea performance.

Here I go! Hope I'm holding it right and turned it the right way!


Mary Nell's turn!

Noriko said that David was a natural!

Here Amy goes.

Now it's Jennifer's turn to make tea and serve Noriko. Noriko is helping her along the way, it's her first time.

Noriko, always teaching and helping us.

Look at that perfect form!

She's so ladylike and lovely!