Fuji Safari Park

The first view of Mt. Fuji, we were about 1.5 hours away!

When you can see Mt. Fuji during the drive, it really helps the time go by quicker. Ashley and I never caught a glimpse during our first visit.

David taking his own picture of Mt. Fuji.

Mary Nell feeding a Black Bear.

David feeding a bear ...

"It's a yummy apple, Mr. Bear!"

David holding on for all he's got feeding a big male lion!

Ashley feeding a pretty lady.

Oh, Mary Nell gets a chance to feed the big guy!

"OK Amy, you can let go now, no really, he is supposed to eat it, not just lick it."

"OH! I see what you got for me!"

Keeping warm in the sun.

Amy, David, Ashley, and Mary Nell with our Tiger Bus.

"My wife is crazy!"

David, Amy, and ... uh ... Santa's helpers?!

Jonathan and David

David getting his chance to feed a kangaroo for the first time.

Ashley's a pro since she got to feed kangaroos several times in Australia only a couple weeks ago.

Mary Nell's turn ...

Oh, this one likes Mary Nell, "Gimme, gimme, gimme!"

David trying to feed one of the babies ... they were basically more interested in trying out their legs and seeing how fast they could go.

Amy feeding more 'roos.


"Hey Bob, you ever seen so many of them humans? They smell a little funny, but as long as they keep bringing in the food, it'll be OK!"

Look at that little Joey ... er ... no, that's Ashley!

Ashley with a hedgehog, she is quite the little Animal Planet gal!

These little guys were so fun, just look at their intensity as they are touching and grabbing the gloves. They never wanted to eat them, just touch!

Well, this was our Tiger Bus, but we are now in the bB driving through the Safari.

"Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!" I'm sorry I couldn't help myself.

I really like this picture ... too bad it isn't Mr. Fuji in the background.

Another nice shot ... even if there is a fence between them!

Strike a pose!