Yummy wagashi sweets! Normally eaten before drinking matcha.

They are very pretty and change with the seasons or festivals.

Margie explaining the sweets that will be coming our for sakura matsuri. Her husband is the 7th generation that will run this sweet shop.

A cherry blossom (sakura) and a cherry blossom leaf.

Everyday sweets and snacks that they sell.

Margie explaining the process of making the wagashi. The kitchen wasn't running today, but we still got to see what is used in making it.

She is hand wrapping some of the sweets that are sold to a local ryokan.

These are beautiful dolls given to her daughter.

Their Hina doll display.

The sweets she let us try while we chatted and drank tea.

Ume blossoms. Plum trees are the first things that bloom in the new year and come in white and pink. Very beautiful!

Margie took us to a park to see the ume blossoms and we saw a tree that had grapefruits growing on it. They were huge!

A cute cat we saw at the park. There were a lot of cats around.

Pretty pink ume.

Some pretty red blooms.

On the way back to the station we passed a little tofu shop that Margie got to open up for us so that we could get some tofu to take home.

Fried tofu

It's all home made by the couple that owned this shop. They are up at 4am to make the tofu!

A cute little road we walked down.

A shrine we passed.