The entrance to the strawberry eating place.

In the first area are cherry tomato plants.

A nice little welcome sign.

Ahki eating one of the best strawberries ever.

Ashley and I eating strawberries!

This is the biggest one that I ate.

Check out the size this one.

The greenhouse at normal height.

All of the strawberries hanging down when you crouch down.

Jonathan and Ahki

Some of the strawberries, you pick them right above the top on the vine and they give you condensed milk to dip them in.

Just look at all the quality of these strawberries, they are all perfect, simply amazing!

This is a sign in front of the bee hive in the greenhouse. I would say these bees are some of the happiest in the world.

All of our fingers were red from the strawberries when we were done picking them.

"The Last Strawberries" Final totals (l to r): 51, 23, 41, ~27.