These little guys are cute, we knew mom would like them.

It was cold this time, it had snowed the night before so there is a heat lamp and some of them where in the screened area and others hanging from it.

This little guy is determined, it was funny.

"I'll use 2 hands, that should work better."

"OK, let me think, how can I get that fun hat?"

"Let's try again!"

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil, and do no evil?

Mom and Dad in the snow!

Seal feeding time!

Black bears

Well, it was mating season and let's just say everyone had an attitude.

The reflection of our Rhino bus in the car in front of us.

Now we are in our bB.

Lions everywhere!

The King of Beasts!

He is too, but he looks like a big kitty!

The tigers were sleeping in the morning, but now a couple were on the move!

No worries!

Simply beautiful.

The cheetahs weren't out in the morning, but we think they were let out right before we got there because they were walking around through the cars.

This was my favorite picture of the day!

Now this is normally what they are doing.

That's a big camel!