Mikimoto Pearl Island is the home of the Mikimoto pearl.  Pearls were cultured successfully for the first time in history in 1893 using a method developed by Kokichi Mikimoto.

Mom and Ashley in windy Toba

Dad, Mom, and Ashley walking!

The Kokichi Mikimoto statue, built in 1953, shows the Pearl King of latter years holding the Imperial award, wearing his trademake Yamataka hat & cape

There have always been women divers. They worked along side Kokichi Mikimoto from the very beginning ...

placing mother oysters deep on the ocean floor and bringing them back up.

They have their bucket attached to their leg so it doesn't float away.

A model display of how aquacultured pearls are "grown."

Mom lost her neck!

I don't think this is Ashley's color.

A display showing what percentage of pearls are what type.

That is a statue of Mr. Mikimoto, the "founder" of aquacultured pearls.

Some old jewelry with pearls included

This Pearl Crown was made in 1978 to commemorate the 85th Anniversary of the birth of cultured pearl: 18k gold, 872 lustrous pearls, 188 diamonds.

The Yume-dono Pavilion was completed in 1993 to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the birth of cultured pearls: 22k gold, 9,320 pearls.

The Pearl Globe was completed in 1990 to enhance our awareness of the global environment: 22k gold, 12,541 pearls, 377 rubies, 373 diamonds.

Exhibited at the 150th Anniversary of independence Exposition in Philadelphia, 1926: 12,760 pearls along with mother of pearl shells.

A 1/3 model of the original Liverty Bell was exhibited at the New York Expo in 1939: 12,250 pearls, 366 diamonds, the crack is made of blue pearls.

Mikimoto Pearl Crown II, made in 1979, is comprised of 796 pearls and 17 diamonds.

Yaguruma is a multifunctional adornment which can be used in 12 ways. The metal base itself is platinum and an attached base it 18k white gold.

One 8.75mm pearls is mounted in the center and 20 pearls of 3.5-4.5mm are arranged on each side.

Diamonds, calibrecut sapphires and emeralds are set systematically. It was exhibited at the World Exposition in Paris in 1937.

Mom and Dad's first chop-stick meal in Japan! They didn't go hungry.

Ashley under one of the trees in the garden that is stretching out over the pathway and water.