The main entrance room to the aquarium (that bright rectangle in the bottom right is the nicest reef tank display I have seen in an aquarium).

A pearly nautilus

On the roof you have a good view of Mikimoto Pearl Island because well, they are right next to each other!

A Dugong

Another dugong being invaded by divers cleaning his walls.

A dugong and sea turtle

A happy sea otter, this guy was cleaning and washing himself for atleast the full 10 minutes while we were standing there.

African manatees and a diver.

Pictures of the reef tank display ...

Just for size comparison, I couldn't stick my hand up and touch the top of the tank! My guess would be 5 ft tall, by up to 8 ft deep, and 20+ ft long

Some colorfully dressed guys doing something on the floating docks. My guess is these are oysters for eating, there was lots of fresh seafood to eat.